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Frequently Asked NanoTowels Questions

Q.  Your literature says that the NanoTowels® can help replace cleaning chemicals in the home. How does this work?

A.  In most cases, you need to use two NanoTowels--one wet and one dry. For example, if you are cleaning glass and want to avoid using glass cleaner, just scrub the dirty glass with a damp NanoTowel, and then go over it with a dry NanoTowel for no streaks and crystal clear glass. The same goes for stainless steel, wood and just about everything else. They are particularly good for dusting.  Use them for dusting, washing countertops, floors, bathrooms, glass, stainless steel, spills Also, they are great for washing a car because they are so soft, they will not scratch the clearcoat, and they absorb a huge amount of water.

Q.  How do the NanoTowels® reduce the amount of paper towels we use?

A.  Believe it or not, one of the biggest uses for paper towels is drying your hands after washing them. Leave a NanoTowel by the sink, and you will immediately reduce a significant amount of paper towel usage. A cotton towel won't be an adequate replacement, because they only absorb a limited amount of liquid and practically never dry. The NanoTowels also clean up spills quickly and completely. One NanoTowel can do the same job as half a roll of paper towels. Paper towels are also used extensively in household cleaning.  So if you replace paper towels with NanoTowels for just these three uses, you will eliminate the vast majority of your paper towel usage.

Q.  Won't the NanoTowels® get dirty after cleaning?

A.  Of course they do! But unlike paper towels, you can wash them and use them over, and over and over again. You can just hand wash them in warm water throw them in the washing machine with your normal colors. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. These can destroy the unique cleaning characteristics of the NanoTowels.

Q.  Do the NanoTowels® kill bacteria, etc. on the surfaces that I clean?

A.  The NanoTowels can only disinfect to the extent that regular hot water and cleaning disinfects. Most household chemicals are not used to kill microorganisms, and neither are the NanoTowels. And chemicals that perform this function are extremely toxic and should never be used around food or people. The cleaning process itself washes away most bacteria, if you use hot water. A great all-natural solution: Studies have shown that a straight 5 percent solution of white vinegar—such as you can buy in the supermarket—kills 99% of bacteria, 82% of mold, and 80% of germs (viruses). So all you need to do is keep a spray bottle on hand of diluted white vinegar, and use it on areas you want to disinfect.

Q.  Can I use cleaning chemicals with the NanoTowels® if I want to?

A.  Yes.  You just have to remember that many household chemicals are toxic for the environment and health, so try to limit the amounts that you use and the frequency of use. With that said, you will be amazed at how many surfaces come totally clean using only the NanoTowels and water. Over time, you may find as many people have that you really do not need to use chemicals at all. Incidentally, a great alternative to toxic cleaning chemicals is simple white vinegar and baking soda.

Q.  What about smell? Will the surfaces that I clean have a nice, perfumey scent with the NanoTowels®?

A.  There is no scent added when using the NanoTowels. The truth is, clean surfaces smell like nothing. They don't smell like perfume. And most people significantly overkill with these scents. They use all kinds of scents throughout the home, including in their cleaning chemicals. This is simply too much for human beings (especially children) and pets to handle. Breathing in toxic chemicals all day will only make you sick. Sometimes the body will rebel with rashes, respiratory issues or illness.

      You need to be aware that most household chemicals are very unhealthy for your skin and respiratory system, so the less you use, the better off you are. Some of those red eyes, rashes and runny noses are not because of allergies, but due to the perfume and petrochemicals left behind in your home after cleaning.

Q.  How long will my NanoTowels® last?

A.  Generally, your NanoTowels should last between two to three years, or 300-400 uses. They also come with a full 1-year warranty.

Q.  What is the warranty and risk free trial all about?

A.  Since the NanoTowels may be a new concept to you, we take all risk out of trying the product and comparing it to your favorite household cleaners and paper towels. And once you’ve tried the product and love it, we also guarantee the quality of the product with our 1-year warranty, and still give it to you at a very reasonable price.

Q.  Why don’t the cleaning chemical and paper towels companies back up their products like your company does?

A.  While we can not speak for other companies' policies, but we can assure you Life Miracle strives to make a difference in the world.  Cleaning chemicals and paper towels get tossed into the environment after every use, and its plastic packaging will rot in a landfill, or float in the ocean for thousands of years. Conversely, you’ll only ever need to buy the NanoTowels once in a long, long while, and they will prevent a massive amount of this unnecessary pollution. It is true conservation at its very best.

Q.  What sort of benefits can I expect with the NanoTowels®?

A.  Many benefits.  Most importantly if you or your family suffers from cleaning chemical related sensitivities like skin problems and/or respiratory issues, you owe it to your health to switch to our non-chemical alternative product.  From a financial standpoint, you should be able to save hundreds of dollars a year on chemicals and paper towels.  You will also save time cleaning, and will reduce your effort by avoiding lugging a dozen chemical bottles and a roll of paper towels around the house while you clean.  It makes your home more “green” and also more child and pet friendly by reducing the amount of toxins in the home.  It may have a massive impact on the environment by less chemical dumping and reducing our dependence on foreign petrochemicals (Yes, your cleaning chemicals, and the plastic bottles they come in, are petrochemicals derived from crude oil).

Q.  Can the NanoTowels® be used in applications outside the home, like for commercial purposes?

A.  Absolutely. The NanoTowels can be used in industrial applications, wherever cleaning is done. Hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, restaurants, schools, military, etc. ALL are great places to use the NanoTowels, and enjoy all of the cost savings and other benefits listed here. You can also use them to clean the inside and outside of vehicles like cars, trucks, boats, RVs, buses, etc. If you are interested in wholesale pricing for bulk purchasing or distribution, you may wish to review the wholesale distribution section of our website.

Q.  What do the NanoTowels® mean for the environment?

A.  Millions of trees and virgin forests are cut down every year to satisfy our desire for disposable paper towels. Only 2% of this paper is recycled. Furthermore, paper products are bleached to make them whiter and brighter. Elemental chlorine bleach is responsible for the release of chlorinated compounds like dioxins and furans, which are powerful carcinogens and mutagens. These chemicals can adversely affect immune systems and reproductive systems and are extraordinarily toxic for aquatic life and wildlife. The Natural Resources Defense Council estimates that if every household in the United States used just one less roll of paper towels a year, we could save a staggering 544,000 trees annually. Other estimates are as high as 1.4 million. That is factoring in just one less roll of paper towels per household a year. Imagine the trees that would be saved if we reduced paper towel usage by just 10 or 20%. The impact would be enormous. Saving forests also helps to mitigate global climate change, because trees are the main absorbers of the greenhouse gases believed to cause it.

Q.  Will the cost of cleaning chemicals and paper towels go up as the cost of crude oil goes up?

A.  This would seem to be a certainty. Most household chemicals, as well as their plastic packaging, are petrochemicals derived from crude oil. The basic building blocks for surfactants, with one exception, are all derived from crude oil. Unless chemical companies choose to cut their profit margins to keep the cost of their cleaners down, you will be paying more and more for your cleaners just as you are paying more and more to fuel your car. As the raw material cost for cleaning chemicals and packaging escalates, so will the cost to the end users. In addition to that, their plastic containers (which are made from only 25% post consumer recycled plastic) are made from petrochemicals, and it costs more to ship these bulky and heavy bottles because of record-high fuel prices. These additional costs end up being paid for by the end user as well.

      Paper towels are also affected by energy costs, because they need massive amounts of energy to harvest and transport the trees to be processed into paper towels, and then packaged and delivered to the store where you buy them. Paper towel costs are getting more astronomical every year.

Q.  I'm somewhat skeptical but keeping an open mind here - partly because I believe the human race is slowly poisoning itself through it's food and water supply. And I have grandkids with signs of what I consider allergies and am concerned about what goes into their bodies and what they are exposed to. Can you put my mind at ease about trying your product?

A.  You don't HAVE to be skeptical. We offer an unconditional 30-day in home risk free trial, and full 1-year warranty. The NanoTowels are truly amazing and they really, really work. But the best part is that YOU ultimately decide if you love the product or not. If you aren’t completely convinced that the NanoTowels cleans as good or better than your favorite cleaner and paper towels in your OWN home, we don’t deserve to keep your money, and you are entitled to a full product refund.

      We make absolutely sure our customers have nothing to lose, and we completely take your risk out of the equation and put it on us. You, the user, are the ultimate arbiter of what cleaning solutions you are happiest with using in your home, and we want you to have the option to continue to use our product if it works better for you, or the freedom to go back to cleaning chemicals and paper towels if you so wish with absolutely no financial loss on your part. Don’t be afraid to try something that can significantly improve your life! Furthermore, you may actually want to direct your skepticism towards cleaning chemicals a bit more, and educate yourself on their toxic ingredients and their potential effect on the environment and health. Do you really know for sure what you have been putting on your family's skin and into the environment all these years? The truth may shock you.

Q.  I have heard of "microfiber" towels before. Is this the same thing?

A.  The NanoTowels are NOT made from microfiber and have nothing at all to do with microfiber. Microfiber is a very common material that is adequate for some applications, but Nanolon® fiber is a new, state of the art, next generation fabric technology that will perform like nothing you have ever seen or used before. Nanolon® is manufactured using a unique, proprietary complex methodology and protocol, and you have never seen or heard about anything like it before. Its unique properties are what set it apart from anything that has come before it. If we were you use an analogy, microfiber would be comparable to a VHS videotape, and Nanolon® fiber would be comparable to a state-of-the-art 3D Blu-Ray disc.

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