7-Item Personal Care Mega Pack 50% OFF!!


  • (1) Nano Towel Hair Drying Wrap 10×26 (White)

  • (1) Nano Towel Body Towel 20×40 (White)

  • (2) Nano Towel Skin Exfoliators 7×16 (Natural)

  • (3) Nano Towel Makeup Remover (Grey)




Reimagine and Refresh Your Personal Care With One Of Our BEST Deals of the YEAR. Get the Nano Towels Personal Care Mega Pack For 50% OFF + FREE Shipping Now!

Just Click “Add To Cart” to get 50% off the 7-Item Mega Pack. No Coupon Code Needed. Shipping is FREE! There is a strict limit of three (3) Mega Packs per customer. 

Better personal care, made simple. It’s time to take care of yourself with a little gift at an incredible deal.

Find your Bliss. The Nano Towels personal care line is  safer, healthier and chemical free, and will refresh and rejuvenate the way you take care of yourself.

The Nano Personal Care Deal gives you 50% OFF a Mega Pack of our best selling personal care products and FREE USA shipping right to your doorstep. 

You can use it as one big gift, or break it up into multiple gifts for family and friends!

This is a $102.87 retail value for only $55.44 delivered!! There is a strict limit of three Mega Personal Care Packs per household.


This very special 50% off package deal of 7 items includes:

1. Makeup Remover – A gentle, skin friendly way to clean your face and remove makeup without harsh chemicals (x3).

2. Skin Exfoliator – A unique exfoliator to remove the bad, dead skin to reveal a more glowing complexion underneath (x2).

3. Bath Towel – A super absorbant bath towel to make bath and prep time a breeze (x1).

4. Hair Wrap –  Our super absorbant twisty hair wrap to quickly and gently dry your hair without the harsh heat of blow drying (x1).

This special Personal Care Mega Pack contains seven total products with a $102.87 retail value—yours for 50% off…or only $51.44 and FREE USA shipping right to your doorstep!

There is no coupon code. Just add to your cart to get the deal. There is a strict limit of three (3) Mega Packs per customer.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 9 × 3 in

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