🍀 St. Patrick’s Day Nano Towel Bundle 52% OFF! 🍀


  • (2x) Nano Towels 14×14″ 4-Packs (Nano Green)

  • (2x) Nano Mini Towels 8×8″ 4-Pack (Nano Green)

  • (1x) Nano Glove L/XL 11×7.5″ (Nano Green)

  • (1x) Nano Towels Stainless Steel Cleaner 7×16″ (Light Green)

  • (1x) Supersized Nano Towel 16 x 8″ 2-Pack (Nano Green)




🍀St. Patrick’s Day Nano Towels Bundle: 52% OFF + FREE Shipping! 🍀

The St. Patty’s Nano Bundle Pack Contains: 

(2x) Original Nano Towels 14×14″ 4-packs (Green)

(2x) Nano Mini Towels 8×8″ 4-packs (Green)

(1x) Nano Glove size L/XL

(1x) Supersized Nano Towel 2-pack 26×18″

(1x) Nano Towels Stainless Steel Cleaner (Green).

Just Click “Add To Cart” to get 52% off the St. Patrick’s Day Green Bundle Pack. No Coupon Code Needed. Shipping is FREE! 

The Nano Deal gives you 52% OFF on a bundle of seven of our best selling products and FREE USA shipping right to your doorstep. 

This is a $144.55 retail value for only $69.99 delivered!!

There is a strict limit of three St. Patty’s Nano Towel bundles per household.


CLEANS WITH ONLY WATER®. NO PAPER TOWELS OR CHEMICALS NEEDED. The Nano Towels® and Nano Sponges® are made from unique and proprietary NANOLON® fiber‐‐A proven breakthrough cloth technology that captures liquid, dust, dirt and grime like a magnet.

Nanolon® is made from hundreds of thousands of tiny condensed fibers that grab and trap dirt and grime on virtually any hard surface. These tiny fibers are also able to expand and hold liquid, which means cleaning up liquids and spills is a breeze.

Nanolon® fiber is proven in independent laboratory testing to clean as well as paper towels and cleaning chemicals on a variety of surfaces including tile, wood, faucets, glass and mirrors. Works great on other surfaces like stainless, stone, and virtually any hard surface you can think of. It’s the perfect all‐purpose green cleaning tool!

Save paper towels, cleaning chemicals and plastic containers from being disposed into the environment. You can replace 70‐80% (or more) of your paper towel usage‐‐ which is why the Nano Towels are also known as The Permanent Paper Towel®. Saves money and can help make your home safer, healthier and more chemical free. Wash and reuse hundreds, even thousands of times.


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Weight 2 lbs

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