Nano Sponge Cleaning Sponges

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  • Everyday Heavy Duty Household Kitchen and Dish Sponge.
  • Cleans with only water.
  • Lifts dirt, grease and grime like a magnet!
  • Scrubbing side is super durable and can scrub almost anything clean, but WON’T SCRATCH!
  • Will not smell or stink like unsanitary disposable sponges. 
  • Made from two unique weaves of our proprietary Nanolon fiber. One side scrubs, the other absorbs and wipes away.
  • These Commercial Grade sponges are perfect for use in your kitchen, bathroom and anywhere else around the house.
  • Oversized 6 x 4″, super durable sponges cover a larger surface area, and are 50 times more durable than the cheap throwaway sponges.


Do you know what the #1 source of germs is in your home? Most people don’t know this, but it’s your common disposable kitchen sponge. Scientists have found there are around 10 million bacteria per square inch of the typical disposable kitchen sponge. That is 200,000x more germs than a toilet seat! So you WANT to have a sponge that is not only durable, but bacteria resistant like the Nano Sponge®. The Nano Sponge® has no metal, no rust, no gross dark green stuff left behind after coming apart like the cheap sponges. They can actually be washed and reused over and over for months!

The Nano Sponges® are indispensible the kitchen, helping to make tough chores easy. They have super soft and absorbent proprietary Nanolon® fiber on one side and a specially woven, tough Nanolon® scrubber on the other. The soft side can be used for wiping counter tops, tile, granite, stainless, stove tops, windows, mirrors, and virtually any hard surface. The scrubber side works great with pots, pans, toilets, and sinks. Also they are oversized, so unlike the disposable sponges, they have the surface area to tackle your biggest jobs.

Keep some in the bathroom and keep some in the kitchen. At the end of the week, you can put them in the laundry, dish washer or zap them in the microwave and you’re ready to clean again. Using the NanoSponge® means greener and healthier cleaning too. Not only are you replacing them after month (not days) of use, but they Clean With Only Water®, which means you’re eliminating toxic cleaning chemicals from getting absorbed into your skin, blood, eys, lung and other organs, as well as into the water supply.

The NanoSponges® are COMMERICAL GRADE quality and are built to last. These sponges are tougher, more durable and more effective than even the sponges used in janitorial and commercial applications. Includes a two pack of oversized Nano Sponges®.

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